All my friends are into BDSM

this liberal slaughter

Don’t dare call it sin

Few of them had a father

Choke me like I want to die

My lost childhood I must deny

Tie me up and tell me what to do

Sense of self I entirely eschew

Let me burn you with this match

Smash mothers’ sociopathy with an axe

Please wrap and bind

Mommy and Daddy gave no mind

Or if you want rape

because it’s insecurity you cannot escape

I’m not in love with your virtue

My parents, they made me want to hurt you


Lack of personal responsibility

is a social liability.

Third Generation Mac N Cheese

In 1954 she proudly walked off stage with a PhD

Under the guise of equality

Another victim of Gibson Girl ideology

For her daughter she was forced to neglect

There was no sympathy

Yet she too chose to play rather than to dissect

The Parts

So she became a mommy And a daddy

In 2004 she showed me her PhD

Which I viewed from a place of childless disability