Brother Jupiter

Oh Jupiter, dark Sun

without you it’s no fun

Now in my third eye

a reminder; surely I did die

Without your wisdom

there is no logic in this kingdom

Do the bearers of secrets know

ajna is your new throne?

In a web we are all caught

where truth is no longer sought

Saturn’s minions fight blindly

for beggars in search of hierarchy

Chaos is in full swing

few aware the destruction it will bring

Jupiter won’t you come back and save me

from this ridiculous misery

Board me on a cosmic plane

to a place safe and sane


I don’t use apps because-the conspiracy, the space in between, the cia

Every day I still read the maps

Miles to go, earth grounding left a hole in my big toe

Friend or foe

Spirit vs. Earth

Rebirth-inside out

THE pharaohs don wigs and know oh so much

But the projections did not crumble as planned

What is left of THIS-is it even land?

And what’s up with the president of Khakhstan’s right hand?

Trump is every ginger’s man

Spewing back their thoughts, emollient words

My facebook password is Trump’s biggest scandal

Stealing words like a vandal

Speech salad feeds to placate

It was no mistake

This pawn they picked to misappropriate.